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ABOUT "First Look": This weekly list is the only email program we run @ The Guitar Rescue.

This is a "First Look" for our loyal customers at the most recently acquired instruments. This serves as an exclusive oppurtunity to negoitate for instruments before they go through the full listing process. We can give our best prices when instruments have not had to been professionally photographed and cross listed.

About The Guitar Rescue

Mike Virok started Bordentown Guitar Rescue (now known as The Guitar Rescue) after working many years in the area as a tech. When Mike initially began, his store offered some instruments for sale and lessons, but the core of the store was always repairs. After a few years, the decision was made to exclusively focus on his core business of guitar repairs.

Then in the beginning of 2020, Theo came into then Bordentown Guitar Rescue with a 1975 Fender Stratocaster that had a bad twist on the treble side. Most of the frets on the High-E were unplayable. Within a week, Mike had made the guitar playing again and Theo was just another happy customer. 

Fast forward to March of 2020, COVID-19 was full blown and as most of the world shut down, Theo began buying and selling guitars as a hobby. This led to selling on Reverb and Craigslist as a way to make a few extra dollars and pass the time. This hobby grew into a full blown operation. By the end of that year Theo was dropping off five guitars a week to Mike’s shop, which eventually became 10. Sales on Reverb climbed and Theo got deeper and deeper into the guitar selling business. 

Now, just over three years later, Mike and Theo have opened Guitar Rescue in a new location. Their new store remains a top notch repair facility, but now players can buy guitars on an appointment basis with personal attention to their playing interests, while expecting instruments that are set-up properly and catalogued with attention to every detail.